What I Did at School Today

(And I’m hoping that this post’ll make up for not having the time to write about school visits as I promised Lexi I would too long ago.)

As I mentioned in the last post, a big chunk of yesterday was spent printing and stapling resources for the children – I use a booklet I designed, which the children fill in as part of the story writing workshop. I printed and stapled 80 copies of it.

So, today. After arriving, meeting teachers and the head I was shown to my first session – two infant classes.

I began by talking about writing and where I get my ideas from and how books are made and such, and then I read them a story (unpublished) which they loved. Then there were ten minutes or so of questions and answers, which was great fun. There were some great and very intelligent questions asked.

When that was done I was shown to the hall where I saw about 40 year 5 and 6 children, for a 45 minute workshop. Again I spoke to them about writing and the process, and about plotting and planning, and about the basics of Story (in whichever medium). I read them a poem *(it is National Poetry Day). Then, with help from my booklets, each and every child planned their own story, from beginning to end. Which went great.

Then, another 45 minute session with 40 or so year 3 and 4 pupils. I read the opening chapter of my book, talked some more about writing (et al) and then led a story writing workshop for them.

Then I signed stuff and my work was done.

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it. The children were a joy to work with (they usually are); they were attentive and well mannered, and intelligent and full of terrific ideas – which they all turned into great stories. And the teachers were great as well (makes all the difference, that!).

So a great day was had by me, and hopefully by the folks at St Edward’s too. Thanks to all!

*The bottom one.

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  1.  by  Steve Feasey

    Nik,Sounds like a great day (almost wish I’d been there).I’m sure the kids had a ball and will remember your visit.Steve

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    Yeah it was great fun, Steve (thanks for popping over). Reminds me what an important part of my writing life it is actually (and how much I hate being ill and not able to do these things!).Nik

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