What Better Way To End The Working Week?

What better way to end a week of work, heavy on the editing (all awesome stuff, I should add) than with this splendid review of Freaks! from the equally splendid Sam over at the splendid Bookchase. 

I especially loved this bit:

“Freaks is a book about relationships – relationships between husbands and wives, lovers, potential lovers, friends, students, and parents and their children – all kinds of relationships.  Some of the super powers described in Freaks will surprise you because you might already have one or two of them yourself.  For certain, you know someone who has them, and you just might have had some of them used against you.

This one is fun, but there is more here than initially meets the eye.  My fellow freaks are sure to enjoy it.”
Thanks Sam. And here’s wishing a lovely bank holiday weekend to you all, whether you’re freaks or not. (I do hope you are…)

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