Weird Shit

There’s a brilliant Angela Readman essay up over at the Thresholds Short Story Forum, in which she discusses, basically, why Etgar Keret is so damn cool (which he undoubtably is). Go, have a read. You’ll enjoy it.

And what makes the essay even cooler for me is that I get a little mention.

Angela says: “In discovering joy in the crazy world of Keret, I changed as a reader. I gained an awareness of what triggers my ‘yes’ response in other fiction – and noticed it again in authors like Adam Marek, Nik Perring and Murakami. In magical stories I get my kicks when I find serious themes, identification and very ordinary details within weird scenarios. But in other genres, I get this same joy from what I can only describe as weird shit. It’s not ideas that trigger my joy, though I enjoy thinking about them later, it’s the odd little bit. I’d never acknowledged this before, but if the world is reading stories about talking fish, I can admit I like weird shit. I get a ‘yes!’ feeling – the joy of recognition that things are like that, people are weird.”

And I like that, very much.


Also, how cool is this! (Wait till the singing kicks in, about a minute and a half into the vid.)

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