Weddings and Lightsabers

So I’ve not been on here, or online, all that much, mostly, because I’ve been being busy. Writing has happened and teaching has happened and all’s been good on that side of things.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a wedding and it was all the things weddings should be. A celebration and fun and filled with good people.

(This is a tired me after it – it took a good while to get there but it was definitely worth it.)


I helped out with the photography which meant that I was just on the outside of things and that suited me perfectly. It’s probably my favourite place.


And then it was my nephew’s birthday and that was good too. I bought him a lightsaber. We duelled. For over an hour and a half, and then I played football with my eldest niece and I held and made faces at my youngest niece who’s still a baby and it reminded me that, really, that’s what life’s about. It’s about sharing and it’s about joy. And lightsabers. Life should always be about lightsabers.




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