Very Good is The Artists’ Enemy

I watched The Culture Show last night (and, of course, it had nothing to do with its presenter). U2 were on and Bono (love him or hate him, it’s not particularly important) said something which struck a chord. He said, ‘Very good is the enemy of Great.’ And I think he’s right. Artists don’t tend to build careers on the strength of being very good, and there’s quite a leap between being consistantly very good and great – BUT being very good can feel like a pretty decent place to be. I know (and I’m sure you do too) how important hard work is in any creative industry, I just thought that little quote gave it a terrific perspective.

So that’s what I think about that. Just thought I’d share.

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  1.  by  Fionnuala

    What a great comment Nik – I think I’ll remember that one. BTW I want off abraod without ever chasing up my email to you about the book – on the list to do now – sorry! Fx

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