Use Words You Know

I’ll have to brief (there are places I need to shortly, and things I need to be doing for people) but I’ve just read this, from Kurt Vonnegut, and was compelled to say something about it.

First off, being Vonnegut, it’s spot on right the way through. But the bit at the end, the bit where he says ‘Use words you know‘ is the real kicker for me. Now I’m not comparing myself to the great man, but it’s something I’ve been saying, when teaching writing, for years: don’t try to sound like a writer. When you do, you end up sounding like someone pretending to be a writer. Use your words. Write as yourself. From your heart about things that stir passion in you (in whichever form(s) that may take) and do it honestly. And with words you know.

You won’t go far wrong.

That is all. I am going to eat something now.

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