Up and Down Sort of Day

I Twittered this morning saying that I thought this was going to be a long day. And it has been. It really, really has.

I had A LOT of work to catch up on, and I’ve not done too badly. Plenty has spilled into tomorrow though, more than I’d hoped. And I wasn’t helped by various people drilling and cutting hedges and generally making too much noise. But such is life. I just wish things could be quieter at times, or that I could concentrate on complicated things with lots of noise going on around me. But in spite of all the distractions I’ve managed to get contracts and permissions and tax forms (ick!) signed and sent so a short story of mine can be used on a distance creative writing course in the US, which is pleasing.
And my head’s about full. Time to call it a day I reckon.

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  1.  by  L-Plate Author

    Nik, I share your thoughts re the noise. Still being ill, on and off, writing is my escape route. I relish my time writing, especially in the garden. But is everyone having an extension nowadays? It's easier to work indoors.Good luck with your to do list today x

  2.  by  Anonymous

    You twittered that if one of us mentioned "posh kid, wallet and libraries", you'd blog about it, so over to you…. – NaomiM πŸ™‚

  3.  by  Nik Perring

    Hope you're feeling better soon, L Plate, being poorly's no fun at all. And yes, indoors is where I write.Indeed I did, Naomi. I'll blog it today so long as I get the chance.N

  4.  by  Samantha Tonge

    Don't talk to me about noise – we're about to have the builders in for 6 weeks.Might be a good time to take a break from writing!x

  5.  by  Anonymous

    You know I hadn't really thought about it and I've been out and about a lot recently – but this weeks I am working at home and what with motor bikes and lawn mowers and car doors and other people's front doors – which when the house is quiet and you are working sounds like someone coming in through your front door – it is a little like being under siege?Yesterday I was reading rather than writing – essential research of course, LOL! – the hero was lost in the mountains and it was just so distracting.I am more likely to be mugged by librarians for library fines rather than bibliophobes – not at all sure they didn't take my library card away – but is nothing sacred? πŸ™‚ Sarah

  6.  by  Nik Perring

    Hope things aren't too distracting, Sarah – it can be a right bloody pain, noise, can't it?And I hope your MC's safely out of the mountains…Nik

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