Ultimately Satisfying

Really pleased to see Not So Perfect getting a lovely mention by Carys on her blog – she’s reading and reviewing all the collections long listed for the Edge Hill Prize.

And that brings me to another thing. A cool thing. You know, we hear often that short story collections don’t sell, and that no-one publishes them. The long list would suggest otherwise though, and that, for me, is a wonderful and encouraging thing.

Have a look. There are collections there from Tindal Street Press, Biscuit, Pewter Rose Press, Impress Books, Penguin, Salt, Seren, Bloomsbury, Virago, Random House, Parthian and, of course the brilliant Roast Books. 

So short story collections are being published. I suppose maybe the trick is knowing where to look for them. So go on folks – look! And once you’ve looked, buy!

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