Two More Questions and Two More Answers

First question’s from Rachel Fenton, who says:

do you sit down to write a story, no matter what or do you wait for a story to come to you and then sit down to it?

Good question. I like to think I’m disciplined. I’m in the office, at my writing desk, pretty much seven days a week (that’s probably because I have no life). And most days I will be writing. But the key thing to remember, I think, is that I’m not constantly coming up with new stories or ideas; a helluva lot of time is spent working on current stories, aiming to make good ideas into good stories. If that makes sense.
I’m not sure about forcing things. I think that often once pen’s put to paper I can find something to write about, and sometimes that something turns out to be okay. But if there’s nothing there then there’s not much point. There are always other things I can be doing (admin, procrastination, reading, blogging, scratching my head…).
I like what Chuck Palahniuk said on the matter.

And question number two, from Tomlit’s Alex.
What tool do you most like writing with?

Easy. (And this’ll be discussed in greater detail at Teresa’s blog later in the month.)
My favourite writing tool is my Pelikan fountain pen. It has brown ink inside it and that brown ink goes into an unlined Moleskine notebook.
As before, if there’s anything anyone would like to ask, drop me a comment.

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  1.  by  Sara Crowley

    I don't think I knew that brown ink existed. (If I had thought about it I'm sure I wouldn't have outright denied its existence, but still…you get the gist.)

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