Two Bits of Lovely

First up, this – from the terrific and ridiculously good, Rob Shearman. It’s a story with me in it. Well, my name at least. It’s, without doubt, the best story involving a cat reciting an epic poem that you will ever read. And it’s wonderful. I mean, really wonderful. Go read it.

And also go check out Rob’s latest collection which, from what I’ve read so far, is also very wonderful.


And I received this – the book of winners from  Wallasy Library’s 100 Words competition, for their centenary, which I judged a little while ago. And which is brilliant too.

5 Comments on “Two Bits of Lovely

  1.  by  Carys Bray

    Are you one of the one hundred? How fabulous!

    I don’t know how Rob dashes off so many brilliant short stories; when I hear the word ‘genius’ I think of him.

    Off to read the Nik Perring story right now…

  2.  by  Carys Bray

    The story is lovely, I really enjoyed it.

    I have no idea how Rob comes up with so many wonderful ideas.

    (It’s a good job you like cats!)

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