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It’s been one of those weeks (months) where day names have been replaced with cities I’m in or schools or libraries or academies I’m working in. So there’s no Monday or Tuesday and certainly no day of rest. This week it was:


South Manchester





Might actually get some sleep.

I half wish someone’d do me a tour t-shirt, to be honest.

And it’s been fun (well, all the ones I’ve done – Darnall and the wedding, I’m still, very much looking forward to).

And, as such, and along with a fair amount of editing work,  I don’t actually have the time to write anything here on the blog about what I’ve been doing and how much I’ve enjoyed it. I will. It’ll come. Be patient.

I was reminded of this the other day though (while deleting photos from my phone) and it always makes me chuckle. It’s Not So Perfect on The Poke (more here) and, yes, it made me chuckle.




Because we all need to smile. Oh, and here’s me, on a train, being pretty fed up with the absolute shower that is the referendum and its result. I don’t care what your politics are – you have a right to an informed opinion – but mine don’t agree with what’s happened one bit.


More soon. Just make sure you’re kind to each other while I’m gone. Kindness isn’t quite everything, but it’s an awfully big and important thing.

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  1.  by  susan tepper

    At this point kindness is all we’ve got. The world is a sad jumble of confused ideologies. Nobody has started one called ‘kindness’.. it starts with one small thing. Like Nik’s last words here on the post.

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