Today Reminded Me Of Good Things

Today, the weather did that thing where it knows it’s really in Autumn but decides it still likes the idea of summer and so, with some of the leaves on the trees turning orange and brown amongst the green ones, and with a breeze that’s cool and fresh and cleansing, it allows a warm sun to sit up there all day long. It’s a nice mix.

I like days like these. I like the cool and freshness of autumn and I like the colours and I like it being warm. There’s something magical about them. I like that it won’t be long before leaves will litter every pavement around here and  the smell of wood smoke and fires will be in the air.

Some of my favourite days have been days like these. It was a day like today when, almost five years ago, I drove to a school near Manchester Airport, to kick off the tour for my first book.

It was a day like today when I walked in the woods and watched birds through binoculars, and kicked up piles of fallen leaves on the pavement afterwards, on the way to eat Bangladeshi food.

It was a day like today when I spent the whole day inside a shopping centre and drove home happy, and then walked out into the night (it had gone cold) and the evening was dark and full of magic, and I sat in that restaurant and ate gnocchi. And then, later, slumped on a sofa in front of a fire.

It was a day like today when I sat at my small desk, in my small office, with the magic outside – on the other side of my window – and I wrote ‘In My Head, I’m Venus’ – I remember it well.

I think it’s funny how I’ll forever associate days like these with good things. And sitting here, typing this right now – after I’ve spent the morning writing and the afternoon editing for TSC, after I spent fifteen minutes turning a speed rope (first time in over a year – and I didn’t die!) and talking about some not so great stuff on the phone – after all of that, I can step outside and have that feeling back. And it struck me (forgive me for being all philosophical) — but it’s struck me that as good and as precious as memories are – and magical too – we all have the opportunity to make new ones. Life, for me, has been bloody tough at times, but on days like these I think it’s safe to look forwards. And, perhaps, to stop being quite so grumpy too.

7 Comments on “Today Reminded Me Of Good Things

  1.  by  Neil Baker

    Good to hear you’re in a happy place, and great to see a longer piece of writing on your blog. (Not that I’m complaining)

    •  by  nikperring

      Thanks Neil. I know, I know, I’ve not been saying all that much on here lately (mostly as I’ve been concentrating on stories), but that shall change. Promise!

      •  by  Neil Baker

        > “I’ve not been saying all that much on here lately (mostly as I’ve been concentrating on stories), but that shall change.”

        Well, much as I like reading your blog, I’d rather have more of your stories! I’ll be greedy and ask for both, please.

        I like this time of year, too. I have school-age children and my wife is a lecturer, so we operate around the academic rather than calendar year: all diaries, plans and resolutions begin and end in September. The leaves fall off the trees and the slate is wiped clean.

  2.  by  Claire

    I love autumn days. For me it’s about fresh pencils, new starts, being a little bit more grown up (all hangovers from school days) but also now – living in France – it’s a reawakening after the long torpor of summer. Plus, in autumn there are no weather expectations to disappoint you. We always say ‘summer is over’ then just like that September and October serve up bright blue skies and pleasant surprises.
    Vive l’automne and vive le cheerful Nik!

  3.  by  Martha

    This is one of my favourite times of year — it brings a real sense of relief because the sticky pink of summer is over; I love the wind. My hub calls this the ‘fall’ because he loves the leaves and he thinks a lot of our original language flew west with the pilgrims. I don’t mind about that, I just enjoy the woods. It’s time to gather kindling, make soup, and pour Baileys in our coffee. All good.

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