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At the end of last year I was really pleased that Rachel Fenton came onto this very blog to talk about Three Words: an Anthology of Aotearoa/New Zealand Women’s Comics (read what she said about here – it’s great). At the time I said that I thought the whole thing was ‘dripping with good’ – and it really was. It was redressing the balance and exposure of female comic book artists for one and, from what I knew, the produce was going to be something wonderful too.

And it is. And I mean really wonderful. It’s a thick book (not that it’d take a lifetime to read) and there are tens and tens of contributors and each (and I mean this) are wonderful. My favourite, aside from Rachel’s (are you listening, Rae?!) are Jem Yoshioka and Alex McCrone but really, I could have pulled any names out of a hat because they’re all so good, and the breadth of stuff in there, from the stories themselves (some funny, some scary, some devastatingly honest, all good) to the art they’re told through is brilliantly astonishing. The production of the book’s seriously impressive too – it feels that, as much as it’s come out of something important and a need to tell good stories through great art, it’s come from love too. It would be an ideal gift, either to someone else or, probably better, from you to you.

I think one of the big acid tests for a book, especially one like this, is how people who know nothing about it react to it being there. I don’t think there’s been one person who’s been in its company who hasn’t picked it and opened it and grinned.

And you can, and probably should, buy your copy from Beatnik here.



Jem Yoshioka

IMG_6899Alex McCrone

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