This Makes Me Very, Very Happy

I first ‘met’ Anne Brooke on a writing forum, many many years ago. She was helpful to me, a virtual newbie, and she was friendly and generous with her advice. And I admired her writing (still do). She’s good. She’s brave, in both what she writes and how she publishes; she’s been down the route of traditional publishers and agents and she’s one of the few people who’ve self-published successfully.

And she’s my friend. And a trusted reader.

A few months ago she sent me a story of hers to read (she was looking for feedback). I loved it. I thought it was brilliant. I made a few suggestions (the best I could) but really it was a great story and didn’t need much work at all.

It’s called How To Eat Fruit and it’s published on February 1st. Click here for the details.

Anne sent me a PDF of the story this morning.

This is how it begins:

“For Nik Perring, writer and friend: thank you.”

which is a huge, huge honour and makes me very, very happy. And proud. And humble.

Thank you, Anne.


ADDED: And as soon as I posted this, THIS came up on my google alerts. How timely.

10 Comments on “This Makes Me Very, Very Happy

  1.  by  Rachel Fenton

    Some fruits should not be eaten in public……how lovely for you to have a special mention…intrigued by your fruity advice!

  2.  by  Nik Perring

    Megan, Rachel, Tania – actually you've just reminded me why I blog and why I do this. You're all bloody lovely. (It has been a long and tough week – and I've been grumpy! Thank you!)Megan – the story's ace, really, really. Love to know what you make of it.Ha! Rachel – I promise you, I'm sooo not the person to give any sort of fruity advice. It was all literary. Im very much single for a reason! :)Tania, nah, not too modest (and you so know me). I just do what I do and hope for the best; Anne's story was great from the off.And I'll say it again: that she dedicated it to me was hugely touching. And I'm really humbled by it. It's a highlight of my career.Wow.And thanks, folks.Nik

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