Things I’ve Enjoyed

Here are a few things I’ve enjoyed over the past couple of weeks…


First off, The Sculptor. An epic and wonderful graphic novel on art, relationships, and what you’d give up for the time to make something brilliant. I loved it.

Juhmpha Lahiri, Interpreter of Maladies – an absolute masterclass of short story writing. It won the Pulitzer. As a short story collection. Say no more.

I re-read Café Niagara by István Örkény, which is lovely but I can’t seem to find it anywhere to read or buy online (I have it in a Nothing’s Lost – a collection of Hungarian short stories).

Last night I watched Midnight Special which was great – a kind of a modern B movie/ X-Files mashup that, simply, worked.

And, a couple of nights before, I watched the Deadpool movie and was more surprised than I thought I’d be when it turned out to be really good fun.

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