The Winner and More To Make Me Happy

Thanks to all who entered the draw for a free copy of Like Bees To Honey by Caroline Smailes. The names were put into the trusty Clipper tea tin, shaken a lot and then I picked one out. I did not peek.

And the lucky winner is: LovelyTreez

Could you let me have your address by clicking here please (or DMing it to me if you’re on Twitter)?

Congratulations. You will not be disappointed!


And I’m really, really thrilled with the review of Not So Perfect on Book Chase.

Hearing that people who I don’t know have enjoyed it is a wonderful feeling.

Sam saying this made me particularly happy: “do not let their brevity fool you because each of the stories packs a little kick of its own. Perring has such an uncanny ability to create believable characters and unusual situations in very few words that I found myself always looking forward to the next story to see if he could pull it off again. He did.”

Thank you, Sam.

And you can pre-order Not So Perfect from all good book stores including amazon, The Book Depository (free international delivery) and The Big Green Book Shop.

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  1.  by  Mel, TPG

    Hi Nik,I have been reading Not So Perfect on the train and have also been impressed – each little story really does pack a punch and make you stop and think. Great work.We're running a competition to win your book at The Pygmy Giant at the moment – so if people want one for free, that's another option :)All the best,Mel

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