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So, a big chunk of yesterday was devoted to being interviewed about Beautiful Words. And it was fun, mostly (I’m still more comfortable with other people talking about my book than me).


And here’s the first, with the great Andy Harrod over at Decoding Static. Andy was also good enough to review it too, which is cool.


And the (also) great Jessica Patient reviews Beautiful Words for the brilliant The View From Here mag, here.


Here’s an excerpt:


“I know that’s easy to say that you enjoyed a book and you would probably read it again but I can genuinely say this with Beautiful Words. I actually started again straight away and picked up more details that I had missed the first time. This is one of those books you can gobble up in one sitting or nibble away, saving the experience for as long as possible. Trust me, you’ll be going back for a second, third and forth serving of this book. Perring has a way of captivating the reader, coaxing them and on occasion pulling the reader into a darker part of the story.

There are some books that need to be in printed form rather than contained within an ebook. Beautiful Words is one of those books. The illustrations by Miranda Sofroniou are fantastic and striking and build up another story, running alongside Perring’s declarations of love to his favourite words.”


Right. I have writing to do. And with only five days until publication to go there will be more from me soon!

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  1.  by  racheljfenton

    Congratulations, Nik – enjoyed your Q&A with Herod the Great, no, no, I mean Andy! 😉 And super review from The View from Here. Your book looks very beautiful indeed!

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