The Trees Are Growing and I Have an Old Soul

It’s been just over a week since Beautiful Trees was published so I thought I’d post an update here. I also thought I’d leave it a week so you didn’t get fed up of me going on about it.

The response has been wonderful. Better than I expected by a mile. I think the best feeling any writer can have, other than affecting someone through their stories (read: making them cry) is to know that people are really getting their work. And people are definitely getting Beautiful Trees. I have had some amazing responses and more emails, I think, about this book than any other. Thank you all who’ve helped and supported and bought and liked and reviewed and tweeted and Facebooked and got in touch.

And here are some Trees happenings elsewhere.


Over in the US, the great Sam Sattler reviewed it.

He said lots of nice things including:

‘Let’s just say that Nik Perring packs a lot of emotion and understanding of relationships into the relatively few pages he allows himself to tell his story.  And that is why I call Nik Perring one of the masters of flash fiction. 

Nik is a young man with an old soul – and I love his work for that very reason.’


The wonderful Sara Crowley reviewed it here.

She says: ‘For a book so brief it’s surprisingly moving, but that’s because Perring is extraordinarily good at this. A written review can’t quite explain how this all works. Suffice to say it is all very uniquely Perring.’


And, on launch day, I talked to the brilliant Aliya Whiteley about it: where I say things like:

I think all writing’s a risk. Even if that’s only the risk of writing something that no one will like, or that won’t work. And that’s why I think writers, good ones, are brave.

I approached Trees in the same way as I approach pretty much anything I write: I try my best to let the story be what it is. 

And, earlier, Dan Powell said great things about it too.


There’s plenty more to tell – including a really exciting Christmas offer – and I’ll get around to that very soon. In the meantime, there’s still chance to enter the 150 Words Competition (we’ve had loads of entries which is cool) – click here for all the details.


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