The Best Literary Mag in The World

I thought it’d be nice, after the stresses of yesterday, to have a positive post.

So, a question: Tell us what your ideal literary magazine would be like. Electronic? Print? What sort of stuff would it publish? How often would it come out? Would its editors give you an answer when you submitted or say, if you don’t hear from us in six months it’s probably a no? Would it have photos? Poems? Novel extracts?
Over to you…

7 Comments on “The Best Literary Mag in The World

  1.  by  SueG

    ooh, interesting. I'd say available in either/both on-line or hard, poetry and short fiction, some artwork/photos, and maybe 1 "state of the art" type commentary. I guess that's a bit of everything. But established writers besides lesser known ones so there's a sort of quality check. And I'm happy to submit and then forget about it — less stressful than waiting for an answer. But maybe only a 3 month, rather than a 6 month wait. How's that for a start?

  2.  by  annie clarkson

    Oo, brilliant. My ideal would be an online beautifully desinged magazine, that did a 'best of..' print edition. High quality paper and print. It would have a mixture of prose poems and short fiction, art work and photography. Vyer brief biogs, but nothing else, no editorial, commentary or whatever… It would be monthly online with a quarterly print 'best of…' The editors would get back within 6 weeks, with a brief and polite yes or no. They would pay a nomimal amount for the print version, and have a launch in a lovely cafe somewhere up north.

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