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Apologies for the blogging silence of late. I’ve been very busy and, to tell you the truth, I’ve not really had all that much to say. Seeing this review on Amazon of Not So Perfect, however, made me happy:


“I love this book and have read it over and over and I never read a book moreNSPcovercroppedthan once. I love the book’s squareness, its feel in my hands, its spare, cartoon squiggles, and of course, its stories. Much as I like short stories, a lot them are quite bleak these days, whereas these stories are simple and tender and although they can be quite surreal, somehow they are completely believable. Great stuff. I can’t wait for the next collection.”




And while I’m talking of book reviews, if anyone would like to befriend me over on Goodreads, then here I am.

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