Talking: Books and Softies

First off…

The ever-brilliant Book Munch (who I have been reading for a good old while) have reviewed Not So Perfect today, and I’m thrilled with what they’ve said. It’s always a brilliant thing when someone whose opinion you respect says good things about your work. So thank you, Book Munch, for saying nice things like ‘the reader is rarely left in anything other than entertained awe. ‘, which, quite obviously I’m sure, makes me very, very happy.
And another big thank you to Just William’s Luck (who I must confess is a relatively recent discovery). He’s reviewed it here. I must say it made me chuckle when I read …’ This story [Shark Boy] provides a key to what you might call a dominant theme in Perring’s stories. He’s a big softie at heart and many of his tales, for all their obvious creative daring, conceal a conventional beating heart at their centre.‘ because, mostly, it’s true. Thanks William. Just, you know, keep it quiet. I’ve a reputation to maintain! 
It’s day 8 at RobAroundBooks’ FlashClash challenge, and having a story marked equal to one of Etgar Keret’s is one hell of an honour.
But all that excitement aside – what I really want to tell you about is the event I’m doing on Wednesday. 
It’s the first of our Talking: Books dos. 
If you go you’ll get to hear Caroline Smailes, me and Jon Mayhew talking about ALL THINGS writing and answering questions from the audience. There will be readings and there might even be music too.
It starts at 7pm at Chester library and finishes at 9. Tickets (there are still some available) can be bought from the library’s info desk (they from £3) (tel: 01244 977380.)
It would be lovely to see you there. I hope we do.

2 Comments on “Talking: Books and Softies

  1.  by  Tania Hershman

    Lovely, lovely, what a great and positive blog post full of great news! I hope Talking: Books goes wonderfully well. And yes, I think you're a big softie too.

  2.  by  Nik Perring

    Tania, you should KNOW I'm a big softie! Thanks for the good wishes too. I'm looking forward to it (and hoping Caroline and Jon do most of the talking, for the audience's sake!).

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