Stuff (Including poetry pics and the problem with my brain)

First off, this self imposed blog going quiet for a while doesn’t seem to be happening. Not sure why. Maybe that’s a good thing.
Secondly, just received these photos from the lovely Jo Bell – they’re a few of the people who wrote poems in the pub last Thursday (mentioned here by me, and here by Jo). She had 41 in all which is  just fab!

And thirdly, a disclaimer of sorts: The problem with Twitter = The Problem With My Brain. Now, I can be very easily distracted. Honestly, at times my brain can be everywhere; a hudred places a minute – and having lots and lots going on doesn’t help this. One moment I’ll be thinking of how cool it was to do such and such and the next I could be cross about XYZ. And I might Twitter these thoughts.
Now, this is the important bit: it doesn’t mean the two are related! And if it appears that I’m cross (for example) with you, I’m probably not (if I am I’ll have told you long before). So if there has been any confusion, I apologise.
Blame my brain. And Twitter for being so tempting to just fire things off as they flit into my head.
But I will try to do better in the future.
Right. Back to it.
Ooh, trees…

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