I did not know Stuart well. He was the nice guy who I saw around town. He was the guy who’d come and listen when we played music and sang in the pub. He was the man who stopped me in the street after reading in a local mag about the work I’d been doing with children to say, ‘Well done.’ He was an artist, a good one. I liked him. And when his name came up on Facebook a little while ago I sent him a request and hoped to talk to him some more, to tell him again that he was doing good stuff. I looked forward to it.

So when I heard, last night, that, while I was away he’d taken his life I was upset. Really upset. Because he was a nice man, a good guy. And I didn’t get to tell him that again. I’ve no idea why or what was going on behind closed doors, and I shouldn’t because it’s none of my business. But when people do good, tell them. When you can, be kind. If nothing else it makes this world and this life – which can both be really shitty at times – that little bit better. And a little bit, sometimes, can make a big difference.

And, because I can’t tell him those things, I’m telling you. Because Stuart could have been anyone.

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