Special Christmas Offer. Introducing the The Beautiful Bundle

Hello, hello. How are we all? It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? I’m fine, thank you very much.

And it would have been a little while longer were it not for those fine folks over at RoastBooks putting on a Very Special Offer. Introducing: The Beautiful Bundle.


Not So Perfect
Here’s what it is: It’s all of the books RoastBooks have published of mine, in a bundle, for £20. That’s right – Not So Perfect, A Book of Beautiful Words, and Beautiful Trees for only £20 (which by even my terrible maths works out at about a third off the price – I think the lot would set you back about £33 normally).

I’m sure there is considerable Christmas gift potential there (even though, I know, it’s a bit early – but if John Lewis and the like can run their crimbo adverts in November then I jolly well can too).



The offer will only run for a short period and it’s only available from Roastbooks’ site – CLICK HERE to order.

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