And here’s something a little different. Those who know me well will know how music is important to me. They’ll also know that, before this writing career I’ve managed to get myself, the Big Plan was to be a musician. I wanted to be a rock n roller, it’s true. And I can still be seen, every now and again, doing a spot of singing and guitaring when I’m home. Anyway, it turned out that I was better at making stuff up than I was at singing so here we are.

And when I think about it, there’s definitely been a soundtrack to my life. Songs and pieces of music I associate with certain people and places and ways of feeling and moments. And there have definitely been soundtracks to when my books have come out. And, as a bit of fun, here there are (redux). I hope you find something you like in there. (There’s actually an interview I did with 3 :AM about this a few years ago – my top 5.)

So, starting from the most recent, and with just one song representing each book (do check out their other stuff – it’s all all kinds of wonderful) here is the music I think of when I think of them coming out…

Beautiful Trees

It’s the marvel that is Emmy The Great


Beautiful Words was categorically Polly Scattergood.

I still maintain that this is one of the most beautifully sad songs there is. And Nitrogen Pink is, I think, my favourite ever.



Loads. (And this could so easily have been Bad Romance by Lissie.) But this was on a lot and it’s a firm favourite from when I was young.



Not So Perfect – this was on an awful, awful lot. It’s Emmy again.




And this reminds me of touring I Met a Roman Last Night…



So there you have the top (first?) 5 that come to mind. Anyone else feel like that? Anyone got any suggestions? Memories? Share and suggest in the comments…



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