Snow Likes Trees

A very quick post today as I was supposed to be somewhere else at least a few hours ago.

Really, really thrilled with what the amazing Rachel Fenton (her work is wonderful do check it out) had to say about Beautiful Trees in her review (read it in full here).

Here’s an extract:

“But nothing is ever as simple as it first appears. Beautiful Trees is much more than a series of jigsaw pieces about trees and their relevance to the lives of Alexander and Lily. The book makes a much broader commentary on the significance of nature on all our lives. Not only the nature we are surrounded by, but the nature within us. 

Beautiful Trees makes us question what it is to be human, our mythology, to be connected to something greater than individual selves, and to think ahead to what may be. It’s really a book about choices, if we have them, or if we are in a bigger story arc, one where trees are the main characters, perhaps, and we are merely players, on repeat.”

And that’s it from me for now. Off to be where I need to be. More soon.



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