I notice another review of Not So Perfect has sneaked up on Amazon. And it’s another good one which is both thrilling and a relief.

H. Kara says that

Nik Perring has a well-developed imagination and he is not afraid to use it.’

and that

Nik Perring has a delightfully wry sense of humour, a great ear for dialogue, and the ability to give even the shortest flash – such as Pieces of Us, or When You’re Frightened, Honey, Think Of Strawberries – a voice of its own’

Which makes me happy. Hence the smiling. You can read the full review here.

Thank you, H. Kara!


And I’ve just got back from teaching my writing group and I have to say I was UTTERLY DELIGHTED with what they’d written this week. They’d decided they wanted to have a go at magic realism (much of what I do) and the results were stunning.

That made me smile too.

Plus, I had a lovely weekend (despite a bit of the old sunburn).

Smiling’s good.

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