Sad News. Be Nice.

I read this, nodding my head, only yesterday. And today, former footballer and Wales manager, Gary Speed died, apparently taking his own life. And it made me sad. Any death’s a tragedy, but there’s something, I think, even sadder when someone goes before their time. I’m pleased to see so many people being so positive and understanding of depression (if that’s what it was; of course, I have no idea). I’ve seen loads of comments from people being sympathetic, from people saying there’s always another option. I just think a few would probably do better to have that attitude, that sensitivity, that compassion, before it’s too late.

It’s really made me wonder how something as simple as a bit of understanding, a friendly arm around the shoulder, even a bit of patience, could potentially save a life.

I guess the message here is: Be nice to people. I’m certainly going to try that little bit harder.

4 Comments on “Sad News. Be Nice.

    •  by  nikperring

      I think so. I think people can be far too quick to judge, at times, (I’m guilty of it too) and that can’t be a good thing.

  1.  by  Tim (aka Dotterel)

    Unfortunately it’s often a little bit more than that, but being there for someone at that vital moment is what makes the difference – almost all suicidal people feel different just twenty minutes later. Keep them talking.

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