Ruby Sparks

I watched Ruby Sparks last night and I”m pretty certain it’ll end up being my film of the year. Granted, I don’t watch all that many – and I’m a long way from being anything close to being an expert – but I thought it was utterly delightful. The acting and the shooting of it were all first class but what impressed me the most (while also making me more than a little bit jealous) was the sheer quality of the story and the writing. I’d not seen all that much of Zoe Kazan before, save for loving her in Happythankyoumoreplease, so that’s going to change. She’s an incredible talent and I really can’t wait to see what she does next. If it’s half as good as this it’ll be wonderful.

So, the film. Calvin is a novelist who’s enjoyed huge success with his first novel but that was a little while ago and he now finds himself struggling somewhat with his writing as well as his romantic life (he’s struggling to get over the ending of a long-term relationship). So he writes his ideal woman as a character. And then she comes to life.

A bit of a surprise to begin with, for obvious reasons. But he’s not complaining. She’s everything he’s wanted. Calvin then discovers that, as she’s ‘his’ character he can get her to do whatever he wants. And there’s the genius. I’ll not give anything away here because you really should watch this yourselves, but I wouldn’t disagree with what (from wiki) ‘online film critic Chris Pandolfi from At A Theater Near You called it “an intelligent commentary on the creative process, insecurity, controlling behavior, idealism, and the fragility of the male ego. It’s all rather ingeniously combined into one of the most likeable films I’ve seen all year – a fantasy, a character study, and a cautionary tale all rolled into one’. 

Sublime and brilliant. And it would, I’d say, definitely hit a nerve with any writers out there. I wish I’d have written it.


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  1.  by  Chris Pandolfi

    I’m pleasantly surprised that you, a published writer, stumbled onto my review of this film, given that I’m on the absolute bottom of the totem pole as a film critic. I think the reason I responded so well to the film is because, although I’m not published, writing is something I naturally gravitate towards and earned my college degrees in.

    •  by  nikperring

      Hi Chris – thanks for coming over here and taking the time to post. First off, I thought your review was great and, from a writer’s point of view, definitely good enough to be published – so keep on with it. And it’s a really, really great film deserving of such a good review. I think I need to check what Zoe’s done since now! All the best, Nik.

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