Romance Isn’t Dead

Confession/Disclaimer: I am a little bit in love with Jaymay.*

I have been listening to, and loving, her music for a little while now and I think I know why (her album’s here by the way – I would recommend it highly). Sometimes art simply works. But I think it rarely (if ever) works without reason. There has to be craft there and there has to be truth. There has to be that special, that magical, that certain something. And all that has to appear to be effortless. And it has to move me (a person) in some way. It has to feel right in what it is.

And Jaymay’s music does that. It’s brilliant and it’s moving and there’s a universal truthfulness to it.

Take this one, ‘Rock, Scissors, Paper’. Listen to it. And I mean listen to the words. There’s a story there. It’s a story. A good story.

It simply works. Magic, see!

*And if Jaymay ever happens to be reading this and ever happens to be in the UK and at a loose end, then she is more than welcome to join me for coffee and conversation about art and stories and, well, whatever she likes.

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