Reviews are like Buses

There is so, so much to report and to catch you all up on but I have people waiting for things from me and about a hundred tabs open and I’m starting to get a little stressed so all of that really cool stuff will have to wait for now.

And I’ve my 150 Words Competition to judge too – which I’m genuinely really excited about – and more than a little astonished with just how many entries I’ve had (and there was me thinking I wasn’t very popular).

So, in the meantime I’ve seen three really great reviews of Beautiful Trees today. (I notice it’s out of stock – along with Beautiful Words and Not So Perfect – thank you for buying them! – you can still order a Beautiful Bundle (all three for £20) direct from my publisher.) If anyone has read it and would be good enough to put their thoughts somewhere (Amazon and Goodreads are always useful places) I will love you forever. That kind of thing really does help.

Sue Guiney, who I’ve both liked and respected (she has done incredible work) for many years said:

“You might notice that I called both of these books collections, but I didn’t say collections of what. Some might call them flash fiction, others a linked narrative. Others, like me, might just throw away the need for a label and enjoy this quirky blanket woven together by Nik’s words plus the drawings of the equally idiosyncratic artist, Miranda Sofroniou.” Click for the full review.

Hannah Symmonds liked it here.

“It is a very interesting mix and I absolutely loved it. It is a very relaxing read as Nik seems to bring a poetic side to the words. Such a clever way to bring a book to life.”

And it is in some very fine company over with the very wonderful Jessica here.

“The story will pull at your heart strings so you might want to have a tissue or two next to you when you read this one”

Massive thanks to all – and, again, a massive thank you for all of your support and to everyone who’s bought or liked (or both!) my books and to everyone who’s taken the time to say nice things about them.

More soon…





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