Rest, Sculptors, And Not a Train in Sight

So I’ve had a week where I’ve not had to be anywhere and it’s been lovely and refreshing. A different city every day, or every few, can really wear you down so it’s been nice to stop and consolidate and get up to date. And I have. Emails have been done, things have been sent to people, a little writing has happened, music has been listened to, and books have been read (I’m currently getting along very well with Scott McCloud’s The Sculptor). And there has been plenty of sleep. And not one train was caught.

I also had a birthday. 35. That came around quick and I’m still pretty bowled over by how many lovely messages I had. And a couple of cards too. And mugs! Thank you for all the good wishes – they always make a difference.

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So that’s that. There’s still plenty to talk about here but there’s no rush. Not just yet anyhow. Now I’m going to make dinner, have a shower, and take myself off for a beer somewhere where I’ll mostly look something like this.

Nik relaxed


4 Comments on “Rest, Sculptors, And Not a Train in Sight

  1.  by  Sherri

    Belated Happy Birthday Nik. I’ve just had one too, but it wasn’t 35! Hope you had a grand day.

  2.  by  samhouston23

    I suppose you are back at it by now, but here’s hoping the semi-break has some longterm effects.

    Wanted to let you know, too, that I’ve relocated Book Chase to a WordPress address. I’m trying to alert as many folks as possible, but it’s a slow go. Anyway, the new address is simply:


  3.  by  nikperring

    Sam! Yes, definitely back at it now. But, yes, I think the semi-break has done me good. And I shall add the new site to my reading list straight away.. Keep on doing the good stuff.

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