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Well, I’ve just spent half an hour writing what turned out to be a really rubbish and barely coherant blog post. I’ve deleted it. So this is what you’re getting. My thoughts on things.

Deadliest Catch is one of the very, very few things I watch on the telly. It’s a fly on the wall show about crab fishermen on the Bering Sea (if you’ve not already seen it). I found out earlier that one of the ship’s captains, Phil Harris, died in February and that made me sad. He was a good and interesting and honest man, from what I could see. Must admit it’s a bit odd feeling sad about someone I didn’t know, but it affected me. I think I’ll always have an enormous amount of respect for good, honest people, team players and people who work hard (their jobs make mine look like a permanent holiday).

Here’s some footage from a couple of years ago. Nothing to do with Captain Phil but affecting, I’d say.


What else has been on my mind? Errrrm, writing! I’ve been writing again and thoroughly enjoying it and it’s looking like what I’ve been working on is coming together okay. Which is good.


What else? Libraries. Libraries, have been on my mind. For only the third time (I think) since 2006 I didn’t take my writing group last week. People were away so it got cancelled.

So here’s a clip featuring a library. I like it.


Anything else? Actually yes. Isn’t it funny how something pops into your mind and you end up going: ‘Golly! I’ve not thought about that/them/him/her in years.’

Angel Delight is one of those things.
The girl who used to work at the Avis desk which was in the same building as where I worked when I worked for VW.
More would include:
The lad who used to work at the Avis desk. I remember he liked Dungeons and Dragons.
The girl more though (though he was a very nice chap).
An old ex-girlfriend’s friend.
Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit chewing gum (never liked it, but that didn’t stop me thinking about it).
The man who owned the newsagent’s near my school.
His wife.
The blind, black rabbit I saw when I was out walking once.
Bicycles that had plastic discs over the wheels which hid the spokes (and in the 80s made a boy feel really cool).
Falling off a bicycle that had plastic discs over its wheels.
Falling off another bike, which had handlebars which pointed outwards, and hurting my shoulder.
That meal I had in Pizza Express, in the winter, with someone I don’t speak to any more. That was a lovely evening and a brilliant end to one of my fondest days.
A Christmas eve and a friend unintentionally setting off a fire extinguisher by putting his folded coat on it
His girlfriend’s reaction.
Making compilations of my favourite songs on cassettes.
The car I learned to drive in.

So there you go. A few random thoughts I’ve had that weren’t expected. That was a bit different, wasn’t it?

6 Comments on “Random, random, random

  1.  by  Steph

    Your rabbit made me think of Jacob, the first horse I took lessons on at the Mobberley Riding School. One-eyed pinto and completely adorable. But then… I am also thinking of Raj, whom I used to hang out with when in San Francisco and we were working there. He rented a car and used to drive like a madman. I swore to myself, NEVER AGAIN. He crashed the day after. On that day, I got a taxi outside my hotel and told the driver, 'On the Golden Gate and back, same way you can see Tom Cruise in Interview with the Vampire'. Great conversation, great view, $ 60 ride + a 100% tip, surreal memory. I loved this post Nik. You should do random more often, haha.

  2.  by  Jose

    I like this sort of post. Random = good, interesting and revealing. More please (as and when, you know, randomly).

  3.  by  debutnovelist

    Three cheers for libraries – needing all the cheers they can get right now. And memories too. Nothing quite like nostalgia. AliB

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