Publication Day (and a Book Giveaway)

So it’s finally here. Beautiful Words is now officially published (and, of course, available from all good book outlets, though here seems to be the cheapest and with free worldwide delivery).

And to celebrate I’m running a competition. I’ve a handful of copies I’ll give away, signed and personalised (and with a secret extra treat) to anywhere in the world, and to be in with a chance of winning one all you have to do is tell me what YOUR favourite word is and why. You can do it by leaving a comment here, by tweeting me, or by posting something on my Facebook wall.


Cover 180x180-2


In the meantime, here’s the kind of thing you can expect to find inside…














“Smart, funny, and very very beautiful, Nik Perring shows us twenty-six new ways to fall in love.” — Robert Shearman.

“Combining brevity with an overarching narrative, Nik Perring’s unusual storytelling is touching and captivating. His Beautiful series follows the lives of Lucy, Lily, and Alexander through their words, trees and shapes.

In the first of the series, Beautiful Words, fact and fiction interplay within the context of their three lives.

Accompanied by rich, playful illustrations from Miranda Sofroniou, these 26 story-gems invite us into Alexander’s world, telling us of his love, his loss and some of his favourite words too.

Beautiful Trees and Beautiful Shapes, the second and third books in the series, are due to be released later in 2014.”

17 Comments on “Publication Day (and a Book Giveaway)

  1.  by  Ali Bacon

    Hi Nick – I have a bit of thing for ‘entourage’ which kept cropping up when I was working in a Mac enviroment. Still know nothing about the software but I do like the sound of its name.On day I’ll put it in a story – if I can find some companions for it – an entourage, I suppose. 😉

  2.  by  Fionnuala

    Congrats on publication day! My favourite word is ‘serendipity’, simply because I love both its sound and its meaning.

    •  by  nikperring

      Thank you! And it is a great word. I was just saying to someone on Twitter (who’s said the same thing) that it almost went in the book. Senescence beat it, just!

  3.  by  Kit

    ‘Ecclesiastical’ – which carries for me a hint of something fantastical, and ‘eccles’ cakes eaten after Sunday Service and in a dimly lit church hall and eaten off a grand china plate; and ‘don’t drop the crumbs on the floor’, my mam scolded me before I ever did. And the minister ruffled my hair into un-neatness, which I didn’t like, and he laughed a hearty laugh loud as the word of God, and his breath was like dragon’s breath, and his hands were heavy as wet towels on my head. And my mam said I should feel blessed for the attention he showed me.

  4.  by  Lindsey

    Prestidigitator – because my dad taught it to me when I was 14, and in the 16 years since then I’ve seen it in 3 books and each time I’ve thought about him, and that’s a special kind of magic spell that he cast on me.

  5.  by  Tracy Kuhn

    I’ve noticed that most of my favourite words start with a P, no idea why, maybe because saying the letter P is gentle on the lips, it’s quite sensuous. I like Plymouth and Pulp, Parathernalia, Pulverise and Periwinkle, Pertussis, Plankton and Plump. In fact, it’s between Plump and Plop, neither of which are particularly complex or high brow. But yes, definitely Plump. I think. Right, I’m sat here saying them all out loud and have realised that I’ve just outed myself as a weirdo to not only the internet, but to my neighbours too who can see me sat in my front room, ‘working’. I’ll get my coat.

    •  by  nikperring

      Ha! I can just see you doing it! Plump is a fine choice. And the best certainly don’t have to be (in my humble) opinion long or clever sounding. Kiss and nest are both in the book because of what they mean…

  6.  by  Stella Turner

    ‘Cogitate’ remember hearing it on a children’s radio programme years ago and the presenter saying it was the word of the day and me thinking that’s a great word for young kids to know.

  7.  by  Sal Page

    Recently the word patella came up in a television quiz show and I recalled the end of one particular school day, well over thirty years ago. Walking home up Dewsbury Avenue with Michelle Philips revising the names of bones in the skeleton. Naming them and pointing to where they were. Enjoying the sounds of the words and finding them funny. I still remember most of them and although I know patella is a knee cap it also makes me think of paella and propeller. Two very different things from a knee cap but somehow connected in my mind.

  8.  by  ailsaabrahamwp

    Hi Nik – I already gave you “gruntfuttock” on FB but I think my best word in “realtime” is “testy”. It describes my husband to a T. As if everything you say is testing his endurance. Every opinion you hold is testing his patience. Every action you do is testing his control. Testy is wonderful…and a temptation to people like me!

  9.  by  Viv

    My favourite word of the moment is a German one: Sehnsucht. I love it because it seems to sum up the unspoken, inarticulate longings I experience on a daily basis.

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