Pub + Poems = Fun

I went to an event of Jo Bell’s last night and it was brilliant.

This was the idea: go to the pub and write poems.
On plain beer mats.
And it worked so well.
Jo’s an excellent poet, and she’s lovely (I knew these things already) so I knew it would be good – and it really was. She had some fab exercises for us to do and managed to get people who were just there for a beer and a chat to get writing – with terrific results. Seriously, some great and hilarious poems were produced. I think we counted 40 poems by the end of the evening, which is pretty darned good in two hours.
What a great idea. She should do it more. And it was so nice for me to be on the other side of things for a change. I had a lot of fun.
(And I must place on record my jealousy for her having been to 826 Valencia Street.)
And everything’s pretty much sorted and in place for Sunday’s book launch. Looking forward to it very much.
Right. Back to work.

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