Yesterday was one of those days that I love. I received the proofs for my next book A Book of Beautiful Trees – the follow up to Beautiful Words and the second in the series of three, with Beautiful Shapes to follow. And you don’t get those days often – I’ve been lucky enough to have four. And that feeling never diminishes. There’s huge pride that you’ve created something other people will hold and read and like or love or hate. And there’s the obvious fear that, you know, what if they all hate it. And there’s a sense of achievement – a kind of validation that yes, Nik, you are a writer. And I don’t think that’s something we get to feel too often because most of us – the ones I know at least – spend most of their time doing far less glamorous things than book launches and readings or attending the premiers of our film adaptions (not happened to me yet – but I’d love to see some of my stories animated – if you know anyone then tell ’em to get in touch). They do things like ironing and cooking and raising children and sitting at desks trying very hard to make something good happen. In pyjamas, often.

So, yeah – it was a thankful moment and it’s helped hugely that I’m in love with what the book looks like. Miranda’s illustrations are, as ever, wonderful and moving and different enough for them to work as illustrations for the kind of stuff I write and my publisher, Roastbooks, again, clearly show why I love them so much. I’ll be able to confirm publication dates very soon but for now, rest assured, it’ll be out a little later in the year and I’m very excited (and a bit terrified) about it all. But I like the book a lot, so there’s at least one happy reader out there.


So that’s me. I am very much looking forward to seeing what typos I’ve missed.

I have a couple of events lined up over the summer and I was going to post them here today but time, as it does, has caught me and I have to fly out of the door. More very soon.


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