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It’s been another very busy few weeks here – one of the reasons there’s been such little activity on the blog for a little while. But things have been done. Oh yes they have. I’ve been doing plenty of teaching and workshop running, and prepping for ones coming up. The presentation and reading for my last group of Junior Writers is next week, and right after that the next group starts, which is all exiting stuff – especially as the local press are going to be there,

Also exciting has been receiving the books the juniors have written. Huge thanks to the magnificent Vicky for their superb design. They look every it as brilliant as the stories are in them.

Here are a couple of pics:

Junior 2 books 2 Junior 2 Books

It seems a fair old time ago that we were starting with this…


So lots to look forward to (and writing, there’s always writing). I’m really, really happy to be working with younger people again after so many years only concentrating on grown-up things. For once, it seems I made a good decision.

And, here’s another picture. This is me, snapped while I was looking out for a taxi to take me to a workshop. (Again, thank you, Vicky.)


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