Generally I don’t tend to re-read books. I’m not sure why but I suspect it’s because I’m usually really keen to read new ones and when reading time’s at a premium (I don’t read anywhere near as much as I’d like) it’s those new ones that take priority.

But I am trying something different. When I read The Time Traveler’s Wife a few years ago I fell in love with it. I thought it was wonderful – for my money almost the perfect love story, and weird and wonky in all the right ways too. With time travel.  It was a recommendation from my then girlfriend so I guess that added something to it too; it was a kind of shared thing. Anyway, it’s up there in my all time favourite books and I can’t see it shifting.

I didn’t watch the film when it came out but saw it a few days ago, and while it was okay, I think you’d need to have read the book in order to get it; it didn’t really make all that much sense on its own (not because of the script or the acting – I think the story is simply too big to fit into a movie). So, while I didn’t love the film I was reminded of how much I liked the book, the story, and I felt that I wanted to revisit it.

But I didn’t want to re-read it (I’ve three books on the go as it is) so I downloaded the audio book and I’ve been listening to that when I can. And I’m loving it all over again. Of course, it’s different to reading the paperback, but I don’t think it loses anything in translation. In fact, I think that half the reason I’m enjoying it so much is because it’s a different experience to reading the book.


Anyone else had a similar experience?

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  1.  by  callytaylor

    I’ve only listened to one audiobook (in the last 10 or so years) and that was ‘Before I Go to Sleep’. I’d listen to it whilst taking the Spudling for long walks in his pram when he was a tiny baby and found the combination of my sleep deprivation plus the unnerving premise of the book made for quite a spooky combination! Like you I rarely revisit books as there are still so many I need to read and I have so little time (even less than before now I’m a mum) but there are loads that touched me that I NEED to re-read.

  2.  by  Sam Sattler

    That’s one of my favorites, too, Nik, and I’m a huge fan of time travel novels. Too, I feel the same way about the movie version – kind of disappointed in the way it was produced but understanding that filming this one was a big order to fill.

    I’m always a bit afraid to re-read a novel, fearing that I will ruin my initial memories of the first reading by finding the novel not to be at all as good as I remember it to be. That’s why I don’t do a lot of re-reading – with one big exception, and that’s my semi-annual re-read of Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove.

    I’ve listened to three audio books this year while commuting. I usually choose the longest ones on the shelf that sound interesting, but never nonfiction because of the difficulty I have keeping up with facts and dates from an audio book.

    Hope you’re well…

    •  by  nikperring

      Hey Sam – yes, I noticed your post on your favourite time travel novels, and I’ve made a note of them all. And I’ll be off to have a look at Lonesome Dove too – high praise indeed!

      Must admit, the only time I’ve really ‘done’ audiobooks was on long train rides, but now I’m living on my own I’ve discovered they’re excellent company for when I’m doing chores; so chores do, in a way, have an upside!

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