A Happy Ending and a Link

Well, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that Welly the dog/bear/pony got home safely. We tethered him to a post outside our local shop with a saxophone strap (you wouldn’t believe some of the things people carry around with them, would you!), gave him a bone and a bowl of water, and waited until the owner’s father could walk him home. Apparently, Welly had travelled about two miles (by my reckoning) and ‘is always getting out.’ That’s the spirit, Wellers!

I know a fair few people with websites, blogs and other such things and do my best, when I can, to put them up here. Here’s the latest one – the rather fiery Myspace of a very talented writer, James Bennett. If I’ve missed anyone’s on-line page/space/site etc, I apologize; it’s not intentional, I’ll have just forgotten.

Barkin’ Heck, Welly!

Well that was an interesting morning. I was sat at my desk, typing away, and what did I see when I happened to glance out of the window? Well, at first I thought it was a bear, and then maybe a pony. Whatever it was it was BIG.

It turns out that it was a dog. A lost dog. A huge, gorgeous lost dog. And I’ve just spent the last half hour trying to contact his (he’s called Welly) owners and the dog warden, with a little success.

I can best describe him as like a St. Bernard – but he was black and white, like a Border Collie. I had a quick scan through google and have since decided that he must be one of these – a Pyrenean Mountain Dog, or something similar. If there are any dog experts out there who know what he is then I’d love to hear from you. Either way it was lovely to have met Welly and I wish him all the best; although I would ask him that next time he goes a wanderin’ that he might avoid the canal. It does not make stroking him as pleasant as it could be.


I had intended to post a few pictures of the props I’ll be using on the Roaming Roman Book Tour, but only managed two before the batteries in my camera died. And I can’t find the charger, so for now here are two pics of the Domesday Book I made. I hope to use it, not only as a prop, but also as a comments book. Ooh and a big thanks to James, Laura and Sarah for their help. I’ll try to upload some more soon (just as soon as I find that charger).


P-Day (the day of publication) looms large. It’s two weeks, to the day, until the publication of I Met a Roman… and a little over two weeks until the Roaming Roaming Book Tour gets underway. I must admit, that although I’m feeling a little nervous, I’m really looking forward to it. Very exciting. I just hope that the books are delivered to me on time, but I’m sure everything’ll be okay. And I hope, more than anything, that people enjoy the book.

You can order your copy of I Met a Roman Last Night, What Did You do? here.

Happy birthday to Rosie and Dom.

I’ve also been enyoing listening to this – a collection of sea chanteys and pirate songs. Be warned though, some of them get more than a little rude. In general, it’s a very good folk album.

Back to the Anglo-Saxon research, which, I think, is going okay.

Roald Dahl Day

Today, the 13th of September, is officialy Roald Dahl day. It would have been the master writer’s 90th birthday. Here’s a link to the wonderful Roald Dahl website; it is well worth a nosy! The music on it is fab as well.


I wanted to wish Anne Brooke the best of luck for Wednesday. She’s attending the Harry Bowling Awards ‘to see how her book (Maloney’s Law) got on.’ Good luck Anne.

And happy birthday to my friends Bill and (in a couple of weeks but I won’t see her so I’ll say it now in case I forget) Rosie.

Lots of phone calls await me tomorrow. And (hopefully) lots of writing. But now, I’m going to the pub.

Worth a look and a great cause

I’ve been made aware by Kate Long that she’s contributed to a collection of short stories, The Sunday Night Book Club, in aid of Breast Cancer Care.

Others who’ve contributed are: Clare Boylan, Veronica Bright, Elizabeth Buchan, Clare Chambers, Mavis Cheek, Tracy Chevalier, Katie Fforde, Nicci Gerrard, Lesley Glaister, Tessa Hadley, Maeve Haran, Joanne Harris, Wendy Holden, Cathy Kelly, Andrea Levy, Santa Montefiore, Elizabeth Noble, Maggie O’Farrell, Patricia Scanlan, Alexander McCall Smith, Adriana Trigiani, Lynne Truss and Penny Vincenzi.

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what a good collection this’ll be, or what a worthy cause the proceeds will go to.

So Much Choice

I notice that you can pre-order my book from the WHSmith website. That is if you you’d rather not order it from Amazon or Play, or from any good book store.


The research and writing continues. I feel I should be taking advantage of the calm before next month’s Book Tour storm, which I think I am.

Okay. A cup of tea and then back to the writing.

Book Tour Dates

Here are the confirmed dates for the public appearances I’m doing this Autumn for the Roaming Roman Book Tour. These are in addition to the School Visits I’ve got booked. I should be adding a few more. As soon as I have them confirmed I’ll post them here.

If you’d like me to visit your school, book shop or library you can contact me here.

The dates are:

October 14th – Bollington Library. 11am – 12.30pm.

October 21st – Poynton Library. 11am – 1pm.

October 28th- Congleton Library. 10.30am – 3pm.

November 4th – Holmes Chapel Library. 10.30am – 12.30pm.

November 11th – Wilmslow Library. 11am – 12.30pm.

I’ve been told that tickets are required for the Wilmslow date. Tickets are free (as is entry to all of the events)- to book I suggest you get in touch with them by clicking here.

I’ve also included a picture of me so you know who you’ll have to look at; not too scary I hope!


I had a great weekend, the highlight of which, was on Saturday night. We (me and my girlie) went out with a couple of friends and drank beer. Later we stumbled across an outdoor concert, given by a fabulous jazz band from New Orleans. Bollington should consider itself extremely lucky to have been visited by Trombone Shorty and his band. They were quite simply wonderful and Trombone Shorty himself is one of the most talented musicians I have ever heard. Ever.

Here’s his Myspace, and here’s his website.

And today, my girlie starts her PGCE. Good luck, Lizzie!

On a sadder note, I was upset to learn of the death of famed Croc Hunter and Naturalist, Steve Irwin. Very sad news.