First Review

…of sorts of my book.

I received this yesterday from 10 year old Jack. Thanks Jack! And great choice of pen colour!

Never Enough Time

There really isn’t! I know I moan about it (a lot) but it just seems to slip by and so quickly.

I managed another reasonably good day of writing. Not what I thought I’d be writing, but writing none the less. I haven’t got as much done as I’d have hoped (and any minute now I have to jump in my car and drive to the writers’ group I run) but at least I’ve done some. And there’s always tomorrow to do more.

I must have spent half an hour trying to think of a last name for a new character I’m writing about. Picking a name, and making sure it’s the right one can be so difficult. It has to sound right, reflect the character’s background and, erm, character and (hopefully) be memorable – along with all the other bits. I think I’m happy with the one I’ve chosen. Only time will tell!

So there you go. A reasonable day so far.

Writing. Finally.

I was finally able to get a decent chunk of time which I could dedicate to writing today. I’ve missed it and I’m quite pleased with what I’ve done. Time (and subsequent rewrites) will tell if it’s any good but I’m just happy to be back in the writing chair again. Not that I’ve not enjoyed the visits and workshops – I’ve loved them, it’s just the other bits that go with them (planning, stapling, laminating…) can take up so much time.

The weather was gorgeous again today, which was great. After such a stifling and humid summer I’ve really, REALLY enjoyed the crispness and freshness of the last couple of days.

And for anyone who might be interested in dinosaurs you might want to, take a look here.

Wonderful Weather

I’m glad to say that I spent the weekend recharging. The cold’s almost gone (fingers crossed) and I’m feeling nice and relaxed and ready to get stuck into a week of writing.

And today, for a short period of time, the weather was perfect. The sky was blue, the sun yellow and warm. And yet there was a crisp bite in the air and everything felt so fresh and clear. We went for a short wander near a reservoir up in the hills, and were lucky enough to hear the cries (I’m sure there’s a better term for it, but for now, let’s stick with ‘cries’) of stags coming from the forest. It’s rutting season, so the Rangers said – so lots of deer hormones and bravado in the air! And before long the clashing of antlers, no doubt.

All was well in Crewe

Had a fab day in Crewe, where I spent the day leading story-writing workshops for children at Brierley Primary School. I worked with Mrs Hudson’s class and Miss Gadsby’s, both of which impressed me very much.

I’d also like to thank the staff at Crewe library, who made me feel very welcome – and in Ro’s case helped me get my stuff into the library and made me one of the most needed cups of tea I can remember having!

And on the Vicks First Defence front…

Well I took it yesterday and felt pretty rubbish (sore throat, sore ear, felt sick and had a monster headache) , which I’m not suggesting had anything to do with it at all. Woke up this morning with nothing more than a sore throat – which after talking all day is now a little worse. Either way, I feel better now than I did yesterday, so that, in my book, is a good thing. I just hope it continues.

Looking forward to getting back to the writing tomorrow.

Slight Delay but fret ye not

I know that a few people who’ve placed orders for my book with Amazon, Play, WHSmith etc. have yet to receive their copies. I spoke with my publishers this morning who’ve assured me that the copies will be with them very soon. Apparently there’s been a slight delay between wholesalers and middlemen – but the message is: fret ye not, you will have your copies of I Met a Roman Last Night… very, very soon.

I’m trying to use today to catch up on the work I would have done were it not for Monday and Tuesday’s workshops, and I think I’m getting there, if rather slowly.

I’m also testing the effectiveness of Vicks First Defence, as I feel that I may be in for a bit of a sniffle. At the moment I’m not feeling too bad, so fingers crossed… I shall report back soon.

Right, back to writing and to prepare for tomorrow’s workshops at Crewe Library, which I’m looking forward to very much.

First Day!

I’ve just got in from the first date of the Roaming Roaming Book Tour, at Styal Primary School. The school, the teachers and, most importantly, the children, were absolutely fab! And I enjoyed myself too.

I spoke to children from Year 3 all the way up to Year 6 about story writing, gave a couple of readings from my book (which they enjoyed – phew!) did Q & As and signed a few books. I also got the chance to listen to some stories the children had written about Egyptian myths, and I must say that I was very impressed.

Looking forward to what’s next – I just hope the rest go as well as today’s did!

And I’d like to say a great big THANK YOU to everyone at Styal. Thanks guys!

Book Tour Under Way…

Almost. Well it will be in an hour or two when I set off for Styal Primary School.

The weekend was good fun. I had a great time at my friend’s 40th, and I think she did too. It was really nice to see a few old faces and really great to meet up with my friend’s children. It’d been over a year since I last saw them, which made me think how quickly time can pass you by, how I should have made more of an effort and how much this writing lark can turn a person into a boring old hermit (even at the tender age of 25!). I’m determined to change that (well the last two).

On Saturday I went for a Thai meal with my girlie, which I really enjoyed. Fab food and fab company. Who could want more?

Right. Now, let’s see if I can get any work done before I have to leave.


My copies of my book have arrived! I am very relieved (it means that I can stop worrying about whether they’ll be here in time for the Book Tour) and very happy. Proud? Quite possibly! It’s a very nice feeling indeed to be holding the finished product. And I must add that I am extremely impressed with the quality of paper and the cover. My publishers and the rest of the team have done a superb job – thank you!

Off to grin for a little while then back to work.

Added at 17:11.

I forgot to mention this before, but I wanted to – so I’m mentioning it now. I bought a bottle of Highland Spring water and couldn’t help but notice that there was something different about it. The bottle was pink. On further reading I found out that it is in support of Breast Cancer Care. There’s a number on the bottle that you can text in order to make a donation and in return you receive a pink ribbon for your mobile. Well, pink ribbon or not, it’s a great cause. You can find more info here. (It’s the second one down).

Published Author

Today I am a published author. It’s official. My book, I Met a Roman Last Night, What Did You Do? is out.

I don’t feel any different. I think it’s a little like a birthday – you’re officially a year older and yet you feel pretty much exactly the same as you did the day before.

So I’m busy with work and waiting for the copies of my book to arrive. They should be here today – fingers crossed.