Other Things I Have Been Doing

I’ve (with a little help) put up this display of the group’s work in a local library.

Watched, with delight, a goldcrest in my girlfriend’s garden (Sunday).
Completed the first draft of a ten thousand word story.
Tidied my office.
Had dinner with nice Australian folks over here on hols.
Felt frustrated/upset.
Discovered my keyboard’s broken (I’m on the old one which slides all over my desk).
Wondered when on earth I’m going to hear from X,Y and Z publications about my stories.
Received a rejection from a picture book publishers eighteen months after I sent them my story.
Found out that friends of mine are expecting a baby (Woo!).
All in all, and pregnancies aside, a pretty standard week.

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  1.  by  Nik's Blog

    Yeah, love goldcrests – think that was my third (he chirps!).Publishers, eh? Wouldn’t have been so bad if that wasn’t the first time they’d contacted me. For all I knew the ms never got to them or *cough* they didn’t read it. ;)N

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