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IMG_2314bwHow to Write Short Fiction, with Nik Perring

.Have you ever wanted to write Flash Fiction or Short Stories? Or do you write it already and would like to improve?

In this 6 part online course, acclaimed short story and flash fiction author and editor, Nik Perring, will take you through all the essential elements. The course covers everything you need to know to enable you to write great short fiction.

From generating good ideas, to converting them into great stories, and all the bits in between – good description, convincing dialogue, character exposition and development, pacing, and excellent endings – you’ll learn how to write brilliant openings, recycle from your own experiences, and become adept at editing your stories too.

The course has been specifically designed to be completed in the student’s own time (it normally takes around six weeks). You’ll work, one-to-one, with a master in the field from the first assignment to the last and will complete the course with the tools needed to carry on and skills that can be transferred to longer works.

Cost: £260

To book your place (spaces are limited) contact Nik here

Praise for the course

“The course gave me concrete tools for my writing, including ways to generate new ideas and a fantastic approach to editing. Nik’s constructive feedback gave me more confidence in my writing, along with some good clues as to where I need to make improvements.”

“One of the things that really worked for me with this course was the size of the assignments. I didn’t feel over-faced and start worrying that I wouldn’t have the time to get through each one; very important for anyone working full time or maybe with a full time family to run.”

“The immediacy of the feedback was excellent and really helped me maintain momentum with each piece of work. From a practical perspective, I think the pricing is very reasonable and the delivery mechanism worked well.”

“Excellent value for money and the assignments were the right length for me as I work full time.”

“Nik’s practical approach to editing is something that will prove invaluable to my development as a writer.”

Nik’s enthusiasm & positivity was inspiring & his detailed analysis & prompt feedback really helped to highlight my strengths & weaknesses. It was a successful course as it covered a range of topics which enabled me to build up a set of skills to produce new flash fictions. 

“It helped me look at my work in a whole new way.”

“My only complaint is the course has ended.”


Contact Nik here

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