One More Week

Yes, it’s true. The kindle version of Freaks! is FREE FOR ONE MORE WEEK.


Do have a look. Do download it, if you can. And, if you could spread the word you would make me a very happy man. And if you’d like to take the time to review it, then that would make me happy too.


And here’s a taster…


Maman, Flying

[Super Power: The ability to propel oneself, by one’s own means, through the air]


When I was six Maman took me to her bedroom window to watch the migrating geese. They were pretty in the sky, over the fields, over the roofs.

In the summer, Maman took me to town. She took me up to the top of the Tour d’Eiffel, in the lift, and up to the balcony. Maman showed me how to feel the air, how to feel free. She showed me how to drink it. Said, this is what life is. ‘Rienette,’ she said, ‘this is life.’

Maman loved the sky. And I loved watching her love it. When she looked up she was dreaming, I think. And I think, sometimes, she’d have rather been a bird or a cloud.

On Maman’s birthday, Papa took us out. We shopped, we ate lunch and I watched Maman watching the people walking by. They were so grounded, like dogs or sheep I thought, and I could tell that Maman was disappointed by them. We returned to the car. Climbed six floors to the top of the car park. I had a bag of Calisson. I offered one to Papa and he said no. Maman took one though. She kissed me on the forehead and then popped it into her mouth, crunched it behind her red lips.

Then she winked at me and she walked over to the edge. And I saw Maman fly.



And while we’re talking of free eBooks, there are more here. They’re very good ones too.




And finally, the eBook version of Not So Perfect is under two quid. Just saying.

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