NEWS FLASH: Not So Perfect

So. Here it is. This is the announcement. Above is the cover of my new book, my first collection. It’s called Not So Perfect and I’m really, really, really excited about it.

The book itself, because it’s published by Roast Books, will be a little bit different. Beautifully different. It’s going to be square. A perfectly square book.

There will be 22 short, short stories inside it.

But that’s not all. Oh no.

There will be illustrations as well. I’ve seen them. They’re wonderful. (I was reading a proof of it in public a little while ago and a stranger asked me if I was reading Kurt Vonnegut. That made me happy.)

And because I’m not particularly good at blowing my own trumpet, here’s what a couple of people whose work I LOVE have said about it.

‘In Not So Perfect, Nik Perring pinpoints those moments in his characters’ lives that everyone experiences, the points at which we all spit fire, we fade into nothingness, that instance we’ve all found ourselves lobbing grenades at defenseless farmers. While these notions are ridiculously fantastic, Perring’s smooth style makes them all seem real, as much a part of us as sitting in the garden and having tea. Perring is a writer whose talent expands beyond his word count in this intriguing debut.’

‘An unforgettable assortment of wonky connections that glitter with truthfulness, that spill out ache, that make me nod my head and whisper, yes.’

And go on, one more.

‘Nik Perring’s moving and imaginative flash fictions capture whole lives in just a glimpse, a character, a snatch of dialogue, and a few perfectly chosen details. These short, short stories are so full of life.’

It will be published on June 2nd. And you can pre-order it from Amazon now.


33 Comments on “NEWS FLASH: Not So Perfect

  1.  by  Cally

    Ooooh WOW! Love it! Love the cover, love the squareness, love the reviews. Can't wait to get my copy. 🙂

  2.  by  SueG

    Hurray!!!!!!! Fabulous news. And it looks great, too. Can't wait to get it!If you want to do an interview around it, let me know. I'd be happy to toss some questions at you 🙂

  3.  by  Nik Perring

    Emily – thank you!! Me too. Wow.Thanks Carolyn. Roast have done an awesome job!Thanks Quillers – thrilled you think so!Yay! Thanks so much DJ!! xThanks Sophie! I love it!Thanks Cally! Sue, thank you. And I'd LOVE to be interviewed, if you'd have me. Will email you!Thanks Dot! But I'll only let you review it if you like it. He he ;)Okay. This hasn't sunk in properly yet.Thanks all!

  4.  by  Jenzarina

    Not available for pre-order in the States yet, only on I have signed up for an email alert when it does become available. Will my computer flash and a siren wail?

  5.  by  Tania Hershman

    Oh now that is GORGEOUS! I can't wait to buy my copy. Absolutely beautiful, to have your wonderful stories and illustrations? Amazing.

  6.  by  Teresa Stenson

    *Really* excited for you, Nik. I love what Roast books do and it looks like they're doing right by your words. Will be ordering a copy soon. Does it make any difference to you or Roast whether the book is ordered from Amazon or Roast directly?

  7.  by  annie clarkson

    very well done mr p, beautiful. not sure whether that might be me and sissy on the cover. ha. look forward to reading it x

  8.  by  Niki

    Nik, it looks wonderful. I love beautiful little books. And square too! I can't wait to read your book.

  9.  by  Nik Perring

    Tania – thank you! It is rather cool! (And the illustrations are ace!)Megan – thank you!Thanks Teresa! Order from wherever you like. And Roast are definitely brilliant.Annie – how did you know? 😉 Nope, it's a lady and a lemur. Tell Sissy I'm sorry.Leila! Thank you!And thank you Niki! I'm loving the squareness too. It's hip to be square don't you know!Sarah – thank you!X

  10.  by  E.P. Chiew

    Beautiful, Nik! Love the title you chose. Brilliant.And the blurbs were great! Those are writers with great biceps of their own. 🙂

  11.  by  Emma

    Very exciting! I think the cover art looks great too.Looking forward to reading it!

  12.  by  Emma

    Also… I've just discovered that you can pre-order now from the Book Depository – Yay!

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