An odd thing has happened, and I didn’t quite notice it. You see, for various reasons, I’ve not been submitting any of my stories anywhere – and that’s been the case for a couple of years and it’s not something I’d planned or really noticed. Aside from having books out there, and contributing to the fab 100 RPM anthology and having Weatherboy in Deck The Halls, my only output (that you could have seen) was through said books.


And, thinking about it, it does feel kind of weird not having things out there in the many wonderful places there are. So I am starting to send stuff out there (worrying, too, whether what I’ve been writing is still any good! We’ll see.).

Which brings me nicely to the point where I’m able to say that…


… on August 30th, Ever Day Fiction will publish Sex God. It’s a short, short story and is only a little bit about sex. And stars. I’m sure I’ll remind you closer to the time. For now, it’s nice to be reminded what being a writer’s really about.

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    •  by  nikperring

      Thanks, Dan! I’ve been writing lots. Not sure how good any of it is, but some things never change! We’ll see…

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