New Year

I believe, pretty strongly, in not saying anything unless you’ve got something to say and if I’m honest that’s why things have been quiet here lately. I meant to say something for the holidays, and then that passed, and I meant to say something wishing everyone a happy new year, and that passed too. In truth I’ve been exhausted – 2016 was a long and tiring year and though there was much for me to love about it, there was plenty that disappointed me in it too. And I didn’t want to go on about that or about politics or how I’m feeling about the world because I’d far rather do that in stories. And they’ll come (or come out), in due time.


The other side of things was that I spent an awful lot of time working over the break. There was much to do – planning, typing up stories and poems from things I’ve taught, setting up a separate website for something else (which should go live pretty soon), answering emails. So, with that, and everything else, filling time and my head, there’s not been much room for much else.


But, as I’m here, I do want to wish you, and the world (not that most of it’ll be listening to me) the very best of things and to start 2017 on the right note. Happy new year – I hope it’s a better one for everyone than 2016 was, even if yours was amazing. We have work to do. Things to achieve. We have kindnesses to gift, tolerance to remember, hope to carry. Yes, we have work to do. Let’s do it bloody well.

And I’ll be back just as soon as I’ve something else to say.

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