My Imaginary Bookshop and What’s Better Than Chocolates For Your Birthday

I’m over at the lovely Writer’s Little Helper today, talking about imaginary bookshops and why one sort of cake is never enough. And outside bits. You can read the whole thing here.


Let me know what would be in yours. My favourite wins a signed copy of Beautiful Words. You have a week.


And the lovely Jodi Cleghorn has posted a wonderfully thoughtful review of Beautiful Words here.


Beautiful Words is published on Monday. Things seem to be hotting up. And the butterflies in my stomach are breeding.

8 Comments on “My Imaginary Bookshop and What’s Better Than Chocolates For Your Birthday

  1.  by  Sherri

    I would love a bookshop. Mine would have staff with beautiful voices who would give customers personal readings of poems or random snippets from novels and stories to show them the loveliness between the covers.
    And it would have lots of copies of all of your books so that we never ran out. (Too much? Well, worth a try!)

  2.  by  Laura Wilkinson

    Inside my bookshop would be an array of chaise-longues, velvet covered in tones of purple, blue and red, with plump cushions and side tables for tea and cake and chocolates. Inside my cake, you’d find a butter cream filling laced with brandy and fresh, fresh raspberries. Literary and sensory indulgence. Perfect.

  3.  by  Kit

    All the books would be displayed showing their covers rather than just their spines. Arty people put a lot into designing covers and I sometimes buy a book for its cover, and showing them off it would be like an art gallery and a bookshop rolled into one, and it would be splendid.

  4.  by  lesleyjjackson

    My bookshop would have an assortment of armchairs, so people could sit and talk, flick through a book alone, sit back to back or pull one up next to a friend. And, best of all, it would have a large section devoted to a variety of short stories (plotted and not so obviously plotted) and another section devoted to the sort of contemporary poetry that I can never find in a bookshop. Then the bookshop would really be a slice of heaven. I’d wear out an armchair!

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