My Fairy Tale

I’m a big fairy tale fan. A collection of Perrault’s works is one of my most treasured books. I have loads and loads of fairytale collections of all sizes and for all ages and there’s definitely been a fairytale slant to many, many of my stories for ages.

But Carmine’s Fruit is the only one where I’ve set out to offer my own take on one. It’s a sort of retelling of Little Red Riding Hood where Red might not be as innocent as she’s often portrayed, where the Wolf isn’t a wolf at all, and where Grandma is, well – she’s still in her house in the woods waiting for food. And it’s a longer piece for me too. And that’s why I was so pleased when it won a prize.


Not only can I put prize-winning author on my bio now (which, let’s face it, probably isn’t ever going to happen) but – far more importantly – I can now point you in this direction, towards the brilliant Artifcium’s place, where you can buy the anthology it’s published in. This is the first thing I’ve published, (Beautiful Trees aside – more on that soon; I’m trying desperately to not bore the life out of you with it) in ages, and definitely the longest I’ve published in a long, long time. And it’s in along with some great writers. I’m not just saying this, but it’s something I’d buy (and you can, of course, buy here, if you’d like to).

Here’s how it begins:



And here’s the handsome devil of a cover.


And, of course, a huge thanks to Sean and Alex (and all at Team Artificium) for their hard work in putting it together.

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  1.  by  Dan Purdue

    Congratulations on your win, Nik! And it’s always good to hear about a new journal; Artificium looks pretty interesting.

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