More Short Story Advice

There’s a pretty fantastic post up at the wonderful Nicola Morgan’s blog (read me interviewing her here) about short stories. I’m in it. So is Sally Zigmond. And Vanessa Gebbie. Click here to read (and yes, I did feel like the odd one out – in a nice way; that was very lovely company to be in).

4 Comments on “More Short Story Advice

  1.  by  Nicola Morgan

    Oh, I'm sorry you felt like the odd one out!! I thought that if I'd just copied and pasted your advice from your blog, people wouldn't have gone to visit you!Am about to email you with a suggestion…

  2.  by  Vanessa Gebbie

    I reckon thats the plight of the long distance writer, Nik – we are all the odd one out.Or maybe just odd?Or maybe I think it's just nice to be in a lineup with you and T and Sally, really!

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