More on That Book About Publishing For the Kindle

What book would that be, you might ask?

This one, I would tell you.

It’s not out for a little while yet but if you’re interested in publishing for the Kindle or even just how the whole thing works I’d recommend getting a copy. It is thorough and informative and explains (in a way that even I understood) just about every aspect of electronic publishing you could think of.

And I’ve contributed to it.

And so have other good writers.

And so has John August. Yes, I’m in a book with John August. The chap who wrote the screenplays for Big Fish (one of my all time faves – see below), The Corpse Bride (another), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And others.

Didn’t expect that, I can tell you!


And I’ve just (while I was having my hair cut) been thinking about writing and how much fun it should be. Because we all know how much bloody hard work it is. But it should be fun. We should enjoy it.

And I ended up comparing it to football. It’s fun to kick a ball about with your mates in a park, and it’s fun to write. But writing for publication (without meaning to sound like a big head) is more like playing professionally, I think.

Any thoughts?

15 Comments on “More on That Book About Publishing For the Kindle

  1.  by  Jenn Ashworth

    I think once writing moves from being a hobby (no matter how seriously you take it) to a job – the way you pay your rent – then you also get a boss, even if you have to become that boss for yourself. And yes, it is a little bit less fun, because more is at stake. Although it is still the best job I've ever had.

  2.  by  Jenzarina

    I don't know what is this kicky-foot of which you speak (is that the one with the round ball?) but I don't think professional hobbies are for everyone. A lot of people (with jobs) tell me they could never be that self-motivated. Well, I find it difficult going to work every day because it seriously interferes with my writing.But I am delighted to tell you I now have the shiniest new Kindle, courtesy of my Big Birthday. Hurrah!!My e-book is on it, looking very professional.I have spent an hour downloading free books but these are not available outside America. BOO! Many of them I will probably never read but it feels wonderful to have a much fatter research library of classics to hand.I am fascinated with e-publishing at the moment. I may well do my own post about the democratic potential.

  3.  by  Kelly

    I think you're probably right…But please let my endeavours result in the writing equivalent of doing 100 squat thrusts,500 burpees, 1,000 situps, many pressups and 3 hour match fitness training, which then results in a win against Man Utd…Yes work. But oh to do the work you love…You are doing great!Kelly

  4.  by  Nik Perring

    Jen – most importantly – a BIG birthday? I know not what that is but I wish you HUGE and GOOD wishes for it! Happy birthday, you! XXRe the kicky-foot wossname – I'll try to find a better analogy. Not sure that one worked. I'm v v v interested in your Kindle experiences – any chance you could let me have your email addy (mine's mail AT nperring DOT com) so I can ask you lots and lots of questions? And yes! Love that your job gets in the way of your writing!L-Plate – You're not a groupie!! You're in training, no? We all have to do it. And hate it. And get frustrated by it. I know I did…!Rachel – ahem, I did do a happy little (I'M SO SHOCKED AND UTTERLY CHUFFED) dance. He's a real hero of mine. It's actually quite a big deal for me. Hooray! And thanks! :)Kelly – they sooo will. Just keep at it. Seriously. (Though I must confess to being a Man Utd fan…!)N

  5.  by  steeleweed

    Writing is only hard if you do it right. My first 2 novels were fun to write and I think it shows – they are fun to read, although not what I'd call High Literary. Decided to actually plot #3 & #4 and write to a plan. They are going much slower and nowhere near as much fun. Luckily, I'm about to retire from my day job, so I have the time. It never was about the money.I will probably market mostly to eBooks, but possibly some POD for those old-fashioned folks (like me) who don't want to put batteries in the books.

  6.  by  Nik Perring

    It's an odd balance we need to strike, isn't it – between having fun and working (because, money or no, it is a job).And the eBook/POD idea sounds like an interesting one, more so since I read the book I contributed to; there are many, many opportunities!

  7.  by  Jenzarina

    Hi Nik, if you email to my hotmail address (jenstakes AT hotmail DOT com) you can ask as many q's as you like!BIG birthday contained a 3 and an 0, Kindle appeared unasked-for but utterly appreciated. Shiny.

  8.  by  annie clarkson

    I think writing for publication is more like trying out to be a professional footballer. You only get to play professionally if you get taken on by one of the big teams, or one of the semi professional perhaps. and you can get dropped by your team, or transfer. only there;s much less money in it, less of an audeience, unless you're JK Rowling or Dan Brown. Writing is whatever you want it to be, professional or not.

  9.  by  Nik Perring

    I agree, Annie. I think I was thinking more about the process and the attitude. The training – even for trials – is different than just doing it for a giggle. But it shouldn't ever lose its giggle quality…

  10.  by  annie clarkson

    I dunno, I'm not sure whether I agree, do people write for a giggle? There are people who put a lot of effort into their writing without the desire to be published… or the success of being published or the know how. But yes it's probably different when you do it for a living…

  11.  by  Nik Perring

    Well I guess that's a third kind. But Id suggest that those putting all that care into it are doing it like a professional (footballer) and aren't just doing it for a giggle.I'm not treating anyone who writes with disrespect btw. It was just a process and comparison I'd been musing on.

  12.  by  Jenzarina

    Oh, there's nothing wrong with your football analogy – it is entirely my own fault I know nothing about football aka 'the one with the round ball'.I clicked on your Amazon link and clicked the 'make this an e-book' link. Thought that was a bit ironic, it should be available for Kindles!

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